We’re pleased to announce our 1st connected car integration – you can now automate and eliminate the everyday hassle of going to the gas station with the Automatic app and Joule Refuel. Together, we’re a butler… for your car.

The Automatic adapter plugs into the diagnostics port hidden be...

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Posted by Rebecca Suissa on Jun 22, 2016 under

We’d like to congratulate Kate McAleer for winning The Fellows Competition by the Tory Burch Foundation and receiving a $100k grant investment for her organic candy bar company, Bixby & co! Joule Refuel and I were humbled to be part of the experience and empowered by their support network for wom...

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Posted by Joe Entler on Mar 15, 2016 under

We’re thrilled to announce that our Co-Founder and CEO, Rebecca Suissa, is a Finalist in the Tory Burch Fellows Competition! The Tory Burch Foundation launched the program as part of its ardent effort to support the economic empowerment of female entrepreneurs through access to capital, entreprene...

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Posted by Rebecca Suissa on Nov 13, 2015 under

18-wheelers can hold upwards of 150 gallons of gasoline in their tanks. Let’s say your new neighbor parked his moving truck outside your home to unload. Would you be nervous about an explosion?! Nah. You’re concerned about him blocking your driveway. So, that concern is valid and why we aim to d...

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Posted by Rebecca Suissa on Oct 01, 2015 under

Joule Refuel delivers fuels directly to vehicles. Convenient, right? But we’re not only about convenience, we’re about changing the face of fuel. 

We’re recreating the distribution chain for automotive refueling and you’re the first link.

It’s difficult for newer, cleaner fuels to compe...

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We’re excited to announce our launch in Los Angeles!

We’ll deliver fuel directly to your tank starting September 21st. That’s right – we’re cutting out the middle man. Say goodbye gas station and hello clean hands.

Get gas delivered directly to your vehicle. We’ll deliver to your home ...

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