Dump The Pump

Automotive fuel delivered directly to you

Fill Me Up

How It Works

We'll deliver fuel directly to your vehicle

Tell Us Where

We come to your parked vehicle. Home, office, or somewhere else. Just tell us where and we’ll fill you up.

Tell Us When

Pick your time and leave your gas flap open. It’s that easy.         



We'll Bring The Fuel

Same quality, same selection as your usual station. Now without the pumping hassle.

Stations Are So... Stationary


Regular and premium unleaded gasoline.



Cleaner compressed natural gas.


High pressured hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles.

Fuel When And Where You Want It

Fill Ups Made Simple

There’s a reason you’re always on empty. Everyone hates going to the gas station. Let us fill up your car.

Redefining Full Service

Pumped for you, on your premises. Our drivers will only put your vehicle’s recommended fuel in your tank.

Price Transparency

Pay a competitive price per gallon. No extra fees or hidden costs. You’ll always know your price before you pay.

Time is on Your Side

You tell us when and we’ll be there. We’re delivering you fuel and free time.

Renewable is Doable

We'll eventually fill up your hydrogen tank. We respect that you’re driving change. 

Safe & Secure

We’re experienced. Our drivers are certified and equipped to handle all automotive fuels.

We're Changing the Face of Fuel


Try It Today



We'll deliver to your home or office; morning, noon, or night. Leave your tank door ajar and leave the rest up to us.


Fill Me Up



Looking for an affordable employee benefit? Have your employees get their gas delivered to your place of business, while they work.


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Let us fill your fleet for you. Manage consumption and protect your fleet fueling budget with a fixed price.


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